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Career Progression

Here at Amethyst,

You will receive an exceptional amount of support and encouragement to discover potential career pathways and boundless opportunities. Your manager will perform an assessment interview on a periodic basis to track your career evolution and discuss your ambitions and aspirations for your future career and how you will be able to achieve them.

The results of the assessment are geared towards fine-tuning the existing organizational development programs and activities.

As a result, the majority of our people post long and successful careers at Amethyst, while others utilize the new skills, experience, and knowledge they develop here to go on and do great things elsewhere.


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The Benefits

Training and Development

Training and development of our employees have been at the core of our Human Resources policy and contribute to the development of our teams and their professionalism in providing services to our customers.


Amethyst provides at least two training sessions per year for every employee in order for them to develop and learn new skill sets. Aligned with this goal.


Amethyst also commits itself to find and recruiting skilled and knowledgeable staff to pass on the knowledge and grow the company knowledge base.

We offer our people great opportunities to be personally extended and challenged. It’s a substantial investment but the benefits are indisputable. As we wish to maintain our accomplishments and maintain our reputation in the market, our family of staff must possess exceptional skills.